Reclaimed Barn Wood, Architectural Salvage, and Vintage Collectibles



We reclaim, dismantle, and preserve
historic barns and farmsteads.

Traveling throughout the United States to dismantle and reclaim old barns and farmsteads, our team discovers unique treasures that we make directly available to you. In addition to barn wood and timber, collections include salvaged antique doors, windows, architectural accents, hardware, and more! 

We have a large inventory of reclaimed wood in stock, including quality, hand-picked boards and beams. Our collection of barn wood is perfect for siding, retail, furniture, and wall treatments. Choose from siding, hand-hewn timbers, and lumber. 

Reclaimed Barn Wood 

We reclaim, restore, and preserve old barns and homesteads throughout the United States, offering wood and timbers for restoration, remodeling, construction, and handcrafted furniture.


Architectural Salvage

Reclaimed goods include vintage lighting, fixtures, metal pieces, old hardware, wood moldings, and antique signage.  Each piece is a hand curated, one-of-a-kind piece of handpicked American history. 

Handcrafted Home Goods

Fashioned with salvaged materials and hardware, items include cheese boards, bread boards, window cabinets, and more. Products are one-of-a-kind and handcrafted in our on own facility in Gadsden, Alabama. 

What We Do


We purchase, demo, and reclaim old barns and farmsteads.
We sell antique barn wood and timbers.
We produce handcrafted furniture and home goods from reclaimed wood and farm implements.


Where everything old is new again.